Our primary focus is currently on the mentoring and education of other professionals who are active in the services we have helped to design and that we wish to support.  We are delighted and privileged to be able to focus our work on specific aspects of conflict resolution and the development of democratic and humane workplaces and family systems. The links and emails below will help you and us to determine the best route for responding to your needs:

Asking for help with conflict prevention or resolution of existing conflicts? To help us prioritize and focus our services we ask that you EMAIL us to describe your needs. Existing clients and prior referral sources will be given a priority for our direct services. Please expect a response within 2 business days.

PARENTING FROM TWO HOMES, this court ordered class for divorced or separated parents, will continue to be an aspect of our service as we partner with Sarah Minzy, LCSW, for each class. Read more information about this service including the program descriptions, court orders and application or email the program staff.

Mediation services can be urgent- We might not be able to meet your time needs.  The Maine Association of Mediators is a resource for seeking professionals that may be able to help you directly or in a more timely manner.