Mediation & Facilitation Resources was founded in 1984 based on commitment to social justice through access to peaceful and cooperative decision-making. Mediation & Facilitation Resources provides services to families, individuals and small groups. The array of services all have alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a fundamental approach. These services include:

MEDIATION for families including divorce and post divorce conflicts, parent-child communication, kinship conversations for multi-generational planning with elders, family businesses and for organizations including employee disputes and group decision making; 

CONFLICT RESOLUTION TRAINING FOR DIVORCED PARENTS: “Working past Conflict  - Parenting from two Homes." This workshop series is developed to create behavior change through education, conflict coaching and mediation;

CONFLICT COACHING for individuals who want to address a conflict without involving the other person(s) in the discussion; And for co-parents who are divorced or remain as partners who need strategies and skills for improved co-parenting; 

CONSULTATION SERVICES for professional mediators;

ORGANIZATIONS AND MANAGERS, made up of human beings, have frequent need for support making decisions proactively. When proactive behaviors fail to prevent conflict the managers and work teams may need support to resolve on-going conflict.