Debbie Mattson, MSW, came to Mediation & Facilitation Resources in 1997 after careers in both social service and alternative education. She is used widely as a teacher/trainer for both children and adults including serving as adjunct faculty at the University of Maine School of Social Work. The Mediation & Facilitation Resources curricula is a product of her intellectual curiosity, research skills and broad knowledge of how people learn and make decisions. Her practice during the last seven years has focused on small group conflict, mediation for parents in crisis and establishing family systems effective for child rearing. In addition to her considerable professional skill bank, she is known to work straight from the heart making solid connections with a wide variety of individuals.

Jacqui Clark

Jacqui Clark, MPA has been working with Mediation & Facilitation Resources since its inception. Her masters degree in Public Administration is a complement to her former experiences as executive director of a not-for-profit organization, project director in state government and rural organizational consultant under contract with the federal government all of which focused on child and family services. As a professional mediator since 1984 she is one of the most experienced family and small group mediators/facilitators in Maine. Her role in training and supervising mediators provides an excellent vantage point observing a wide range of situations and outcomes. Jacqui is the co-author of “Choice Points: a consultation guide for Mediators. She is known for reaching solid outcomes with a fast pace and direct communication.