Training & Consultation for ADR Professionals

Mediation & Facilitation Resources was established in 1984.  This is one of the oldest general practice Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR) services in Maine.  The practitioners have completed thousands of mediations, many more than the average mediator. Out generalist practice serves: court mediation in family matters and 16B cases, private families, small business, community groups, tribal courts, and employee work units in government and non profit organizations.

This high level of experience led to the development of a 40-hour training for beginning mediators.  The consultation model known in the field as “Choice Points: a consultation method for mediators” was co- developed by one of our practitioners. We have provided practice supervision to non-profit mediation services supporting the volunteer mediators at these programs.  We have developed training material for experienced mediators including methods to diagnose conflict.  We have a curriculum for grades K through 8grade as well as a college course for conflict resolution.

To explore your need for supervision, support and professional development please call the office for a personal and confidential discussion.