Management Coaching & Organizational Facilitation

Management Coaching

There is a reason that people say: “It's lonely at the top”!  

Managers need a private environment to explore the ethics and issues that challenge the leadership environment.  On the job training, conferences in the field, post secondary education all offer information.  But one on one coaching between a manager and an experienced coach allows the manager to try on new techniques within the context of personal values and capabilities. The privacy of coaching, which is unavailable when using an in house supervisor, creates safety to self reflect with honesty and integrity.  

Although finance and legal issues confront most managers, it is most often human resources issues such scarcity, competition, and conflict that cause disruption in the workplace.  Effective support enables the manager to strategize appropriate approaches and evaluate the impact as the strategies are implemented.  

The Mediation & Facilitation Resources staff amassed many years of observation of organizational behavior and human responses.  The tools used in conflict resolution and in peer consultation are available to increase the manager’s own assessment capacity and to enlarge the range of responses.

Organizational Facilitation

Mediation & Facilitation Resources has expertise in government organizations, not-for profit organizations and small business. Although these entities are differently structured they have a common characteristic of having small working groups serving within a larger framework.  

Unattended conflict saps the life force from the work products and also from the personnel who struggle to work well in a conflicted system.

Steps to getting help:

  1. Manager(s) and the Mediation & Facilitation Resources (M&FR) will meet in person or on the phone to explore and diagram the conflicts in the work setting.
  2. A written plan for intervention is developed for consideration by managers. 
  3. Service array may include but not limited to: management coaching for the one on one support needed for the manager  to facilitation change without external facilitation; mediation of key individuals in conflict; group facilitation to develop a group understanding of the conflict issues; survey and assessment tools for the organization; 
  4. After interventions are completed or significantly implemented M&FR and the managers will assess the change or need for alternative process.