Mediation helps people resolve conflict using specialized facilitation.  The mediator is  a highly trained professional whose expertise supports finding resolutions that are practical and durable. Our training and values will be visible during mediation in a variety of ways, some of which listed below: 

  • Conflict diagnosis means that the mediator will be able to understand the issues that have brought you to mediation and also diagram a “map” to set an agenda for the conversation. Simply put: the mediator will help you know where to start!
  • Self determination is a core value of Mediation & Facilitation Resources which means that we will never make a decision for your or pressure you to accept something that feels wrong;
  • Learning styles are unique to each of us. Some people talk in pictures and some talk in only concrete terms. Some people in conflict are good with words and some of us know our ideas but have a hard time explaining ourselves. Mediators at Mediation & Facilitation Resources are trained in multiple learning styles in order to understand you and to help you understand the other party;
  • High levels of emotion are often a part of dealing with conflict. Mediators are able to help you manage good decision making even when emotions like confusion, anger or sadness are present.
  • Mediators are trained for concise writing so that your agreements are recorded in the formats of a memorandum of understanding.
  • Referrals for other services such as good legal help, financial planning or mental health support may be needed. Mediation & Facilitation Resources are well equipped to help you find the professionals that you need to support your decision making process. 

Call or email your concerns free for  consultation with at mediator to explore the appropriateness of mediation for your situation.