Parent Coaching & Divorce Mediation

Increase the Effectiveness of Divorced Parents

Being raised by divorced parents does not have to ruin your child’s life. Many parents recover from the grief and anger of divorce and return to being functioning parents. When conflict persists it adds stress to the life of the adult parent and becomes a developmental threat to children. 

Two distinctly different services are available for families:

Working past Conflict  - Parenting from two Homes

 …..workshop series to create behavior change through education, conflict coaching and mediation. Each of the six sessions will begin with time for mothers and fathers to gather in separate gender groups for support and identification of topics needing help. Each class session will then combine to include all parenting pairs (not more than 16 individuals). The combined group session will include information from the coaches in the identified topics and facilitated discussion among the parents to problem solve and create agreements for conduct change. 

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Individual Conflict Coaching

is designed to meet the needs individuals when other’s involved in the dispute are unwilling to participate in fruitful discussion. The mediator serves as a conflict coach to strategize methods and choices to change the conflict pattern. Meeting several times over a period of weeks allows the individual and the conflict coach to determine if the strategies are having the intended results. 

To understand this service more deeply consider the physics of water running down hill. Too much water from large rain storms may over run the banks of the stream bed and cause damaging floods before the water can be contained to finish its appropriate journey to the ocean. Building damns and storm drains, culverts and bridges allows us to safely live in these high water locations.  

Conflict is somewhat like the water. Conflict is a naturally occurring among humans. But when it is left unaddressed it can damage our lives and our intentions. As individuals, even without the help of other people involved we can map the conflict, assess resources, mitigate damages and create opportunity for collaboration. The conflict coach is trained and experienced in helping you navigate the “high water” of conflict.